Mets Begin

In 1957 the Brooklyn Dogers and the NY Giants abandoned NYC for Calfornia ... (much to the regrets of you 60 and 70 years olds). Happily for NYC fans, the mets arrived in 1962 ,,, and immediately were loved by fans who wanted a NY team but could not bring themselves to root for their long time, incredible rivals in the Bronx, the Yankees


  • When a Mets hits a home run at Shea a big red apple rises from a gialt top hat in center field
  • Mr Met became the team mascot in 1964 He earned Rookie of the Year homors in '64 as baseball 1st modern live mascot

Mr Met
  • In the 1990's a new mascot was bron. He was called "Cowbell Man" and loved to get the basball crowd roaring as he bang his cowbell from fan to faan. Its October 2006 and Cowbell man is still around.
In Oct of 2000, yet another Mascot was born. He was called the"metman who drives the Met mobile." Metman was a different type of mascot. He got close to Metfans by driving a 1953 Ford customline that was also called the metmobile. This car was decorated with Mets tatoo's and flags. He didn't get close to Mets themselves by escorting the team to the airport while they were being transported from the teams buses. Metman did this carefully. Metman did this in hoping that his team would get pumped up Enough to start winning on the road. In Oct of 2000 the Mets lost to the NY Yankees in game 5. Metman became very depressed because he was at game 5. Its 2006, October 7th and the Mets have a possibility to make up for for that game 5 lost in 2000.
In 2006 - Will they win it all this year? Writers predict; gamblers bet; fans hope and dream! But is anything sure? Certainly not for the Amazins!


Real Desire!
Real Sucess:

1969: The Miricale Mets Although given little chance, they did beat the Orioles. After a 1 st game loss, they won the next 4; incl, a 2-1 10 inning Wolrd Series victory pitched by Tom Seaver
1986: A dramactic 16 inning victory over the Astors led to the pennant. And anoher dramactic come-from-behind ( one strike away from defeat) win over their 2nd World Series victory

2006: The 2006 Mets were the 1st team in MLB history to win 8 consectuves road games and score in the 1st inning of the game

One thing is sure. Jesus, Gods only son, will resutn to this world. 2000 years ago Jesus came as the Lamb of God. He will return as KIng. You can be sure