September 30, 2005

To all Met fans it has been a pleasure to have the opportunity to entertain you with my new website in being the ultimate fan. First I would like to give thanks to certain individuals who made this season a happy one for me personally. Thank you Mr. Richard Nere for allowing me to announce the unvailing of my new website on the air at WFAN. Thank you Mr. Ethan Wilson from the New York Mets media relations for just listening to me. I also would like to thanks the following Mets, Ramon Castro, David Wright, Chris Woodworth and rookie Anderson Hernandez for the added autographs on the "1953 Metmobile". Special thanks to the elite Met fans of New York, "Cowbell Man" who's real name is Eddie. "Floppy Hat", who's always first on line for ticket sales and who's real name is Matt Hoey. Finally to Marlene who is and always will be the #1 fan of Mike Piazza. As for next season the "1953 Metmobile" along with its website will receive a face lift. I'm looking forward to surprising everyone. As the season finally comes to an end I must say the Mets finished strong. I think Omar Minaya did a great job in reconstructing the team. I think that Willie Randolph got to know his ballplayers better and learned alot through his mistakes. Although many fans rant and rave that Mr. Randolph did a bad job this season, I think those fans are completly wrong. For someone who's never managed before and was able to keep his team in contention till the final week in August along with a winning record, Mr. Randolph did a good job. Good work Willie! My final comments go out to Mr. Piazza. It looks like Mr. Piazza will never be a Met again. So it is really disappointing that he will be one of the only 2000 National League Champions never to have autograph the "1953 Metmobile".
On Sunday Oct 2, 2005 my daughter Amanda (10 yrs Old) was convinced that she could persuade Mr. Piazza to sign her dad's car after the ballgame. Amanda made a sign saying "Mr. Piazza please sign my dad's car. As Mr. Piazza drove out of the parking lot to a more secluded area where he greets his #1 fans I told my daughter to be on the look out for Mike. I was already tired of trying to get him to sign one of the greatest piece of Mets memorabilia ever assembled by one fan. I stood by the club house and met up with a few ballplayers. I suddenly heard my wife call out to me. She told me that Mr. Piazza had just driven by. When I looked at my daughter she was very sad because when she asked Mr. Piazza to sign her dad's car with no one around, Mike rolled up his car window and ignored her. Amanda was almost shedding a tear when I showed her the autograph on my hat of Anderson Hernandez, the new rookie second baseman to the N.Y. Mets. She ran over and was able to get his autograph. I was able to get it also on the Metmobile. Thanks Mr. Hernandez.... To Mr. Piazza you were my hero on the field and maybe the hero to many children also on the field . You may be inducted into the hall of fame in the near future. As for my daughter Amanda is concern, she thinks you should also be inducted into the HALL OF SHAME.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Till Next Season


Eddie Sanchez