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Contenders or Pretenders                                              May 31 , 2005
It's funny that just 2 weeks ago the Mets were about to suffer the series lost with the
Yankees and on top of that they were swept away by the Braves.  The Mets at this point who looked like pretenders, 5 games out of  1st place were beginning to sail away fast.
Suddenly they hopped in a speed boat to Miami to P/U 3 crucial wins, to get them back into contention. I believe when Mr. Carlos Betran is 100% fit, that this will be the turning point to the Mets season, providing that every one stays healthy and continues to play well.
One thing that just baffles me day in and day out is Jae Seo. What is Ormar planning for him?  After 3 good starts in the majors and as he continues to pitch well in the minors, what are his plans? Is he going to trade him?  Is it possible we could get Urbina for Seo.
Is he gonna bring him back up to the majors and if so where is he going to put him?
Starter or Relief?
One thing is for sure, Willie Randolph and Ormar Minaya are doing a great job in turning
this team around.
Keep up the good work guys!!!
Until Next Month
LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Till next month

Eddie Sanchez