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March 3, 2005
Eddie's View:
Feb. 27th 2005
There's got to be a better way! After waiting 3 days on line for single ticket sales at Shea Stadium, I was able to secure mezzanine, section 14 for open day? As for the Mets and Yankees series, I was disappointed with the availability of just upper deck seating that I purchased only four tickets for the two out of the three game series. I later found out that anyone who purchased a game plan prior to Feb 27th was allowed to purchase as many tickets as they wanted to (except for Mets and Yankees series). I think this was unfair to all the "Die Hard" fans who braved the snow and cold weather. Many "Diehards", like me, cannot afford game plans and rely on purchasing single tickets for the season. This allows the "Die Hards" to enjoy the ballgames with their families.
The New Mets:
Yes, we have a team that looks new. Now the big questions are: Can they all stay healthy? If so will the chemistry blend together to build a championship caliber team? Well the counts in and the Mets are in desperate need of mid-relief pitching. The majority of fans agree with Al Lieter not being resigned. I'm curious what will be Al's finishing record at the end of the Seasons?
Eddie Sanchez