Half Time!
W -43
L- 43
8 out of 1st place
5 1/2 from wildcard
Note: Sorry. Mets fans for the delay of Eddie's view for, June and July


Half Time!

June 30th 2005

As the Mets finished the month of June on a positive note with the win Pedro Martincz provided to prevent a sweep from the Pirates. Met fans have a-lot to be thankfull for. I think the Mets themselves have realized that they have a team with the ability to make the playoffs but lack only one thing, the desire to win. There are two things that you need to succeed in life. First the ability to do it and then the desire to want it. With the Washington Nationals the Mets demonstrated that they had the ability to man handle one of the hottest teams in baseball. Yet they lacked the desire to win when they handed over the game to the Pirates in the 9th inning. Again they lacked the desire to sweep the Yanks at Yankee Stadium. Log into Eddie's view for July labeled “desire to win”.


Eddie Sanchez