Desire to Win?

July 13th 2005

Yes, I do think the Mets have the desire to win but have not demonstrated it since  their chemistry has not completely blended together.
One thing the Mets must do is beat the Braves ! A team that has shown the Mets and their fans how easy is too loose.
A team that constantly drives agony into the hearts of all Mets fans. A team that has made the playoff for the past decade and has outplayed the Mets.
Now in this upcoming series the Mets have a chance to prove to their fans and to themselves that not only  do they have the ability to  sweep the Braves, but the desire to win. If the Mets were to sweep the four games in this upcoming series against the Braves starting tomorrow, July 14th2005, I believe that this will be the turning point to the entire season. They would have finally blended together to formulate the right chemistry which at the end comes out the right results, the desire to win! Furthermore, I have this gut felling that the Mets are about to inject themselves to the playoff-race!

Until Next Month ....


Eddie Sanchez