August 31, 2005

True Contenders
Well when I last wrote Eddie's view for July, I ended off by writing that I had a gut feeling the Mets were about to inject themselves into the playoff race. (July 13, 2005) Its kind of errie how what I wrote has become true. The Mets not only now have the ability but the true desire to win and possible make the playoffs.
   As the Mets begin to close down their season and play some of the toughest teams in their division, I believe that the winner of the "Wild Card" will be determined in the last three games of the season.
   Personally, I would like to extend my prayers and best wishes to Mike Cameron for a healthy recovery. One thing is for sure that what ever happens after today, the Mets at this point were always true contenders.
                                                                    Till next month (Oct)
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Eddie Sanchez