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April 30th , 2005

Eddie's View
As far as I'm concern the New York Mets seem to be showing signs of a team that is blending together slowly but surely. There are still obstacles to overcome. One is, what are they going to do with Mr Diaz who is playing well. With Cameron due back soon where are the Mets going to put Diaz?
Both starting and relief pitching have many flaws. Benson is still injured and Peterson seems to be having trouble controlling Zambranos arm. Heilman pitches well only at Shea. Is it the stadium or the weather that affects Heilman? Jae Seo had a good start although he suffered a lost last night. But keep in mind the Mets left over 10 men on base and could only score one run last night. Hopefully we'll see more of him, Now Mr Glavine seems to be in possession of his control most of the time but always has problems with the team he grew up with in the majors.
The Atlanta Braves! Glavine is not the only one who has problems with the Braves. The Mets themselves have to constantly suffer the agony of defeat that has lasted over a decade. Except for in the year 2000, which the Mets were able to avoid playing the Braves for the division.
Lets say that the Mets can overcome the Braves and make the playoffs even though its just the beginning of the season. Do you really think that one man such as Omar Minaya can change the face of a team in one year entirely to the point of reaching the playoffs?

Although Mr. Randolph has gotten of to a decent start, do you think that a coach who's never managed in the big leagues or minors can actually take a team to the playoffs and beyond to the World Series?
Well the reason why I root for the Mets is because when all odds are against them, they seem to perform miracles!

Go Mr. Randolph !
Go Mr. Minaya !
Lets Go Mets !

Till Next Month

Eddie Sanchez