This is the bio on the ultimate New York Mets fan

Meet Eddie Sanchez: the ultimate fan who drives the Metmobile. Eddie is one of the world's biggest mets fan and a walking encyclopedia of Met's history. He would like to personally drive you around to Shea Stadium so he can share rare moments he spent with the 2000 NL champions N.Y. Met's. Sanchez has been a fan since he's been a kid, sitting in a Bronx classroom during the final game of the 69 World Series with a transistor radio tucked inside his shirt and a hidden wire going to his ear.
His father was was a bartender in Manhattan's Biltmore hotel, would receive tickets from ballplayers and take his son to games. Its a passion that has continued through decades and led Eddie to purchase the Metmobile (a 1953 Ford Customline) from a woman friend whose deceased father was also a huge Met fan.
The car didn't run and everything mechanically had to be rebuilt in 1988. It was also in a desperate need of a paint job. Little did Eddie know what future events, were about to happen.
The car is not only a source of pleasure and New York Met pride, but it also provide needed therapy after September 11 2001 when Eddie's pregnant wife narrowly escaped tragedy at the World Trade Center. Sanchez drove the car to Shea after 911 where Mr Bobby Valentine offered sympathy and comfort.
Eddie has no plans to ever sell the car. He dreams of celebrating a World Championship win while driving the Metmobile in a parade down the Canyon of Heroes with his two childern, Amanda and Daniel sitting along side of him.
His other big dream is to score an autograph from Mike Piazza, one of the only players from the 2000 N.L. Champion N.Y. Mets who has not signed the Metmobile.